ProMotion Ads

Driver's Frequently Asked Questions

Would my vehicle be able to earn money?

Yes, all vehicles are eligible to advertise for Pro Motion Ads. However, some vehicles are more likely to be chosen. New vehicles that are in excellent shape are more desired by advertisers. Having an older vehicle does not mean you should not apply to be a Pro Motion Ads driver. Some advertisers will be looking for unique or old vehicles.

Do I need to pay to be on a list?

Absolutely not! There are many companies that require you to pay to be on a waiting list. More often than not, you will never be matched with an advertiser and you will not see your money again.

Pro Motion Ads is different; we want to pay you to drive. We need drivers on our list that are ready at any moment to support advertisement on their vehicles. There are no fees or expenses to be a Pro Motion Ads driver.

How long does it take to install the signs?

Installation time varies from a couple hours for smaller signs to most of the day for full wraps. On the day of the installation you will be asked to drop off your vehicle at our local sign provider and installer– Quality Signs. We will have them installed professionally to ensure the signs are top quality and that there is no damage to your vehicle.

If I get suggested to advertise for a company I don’t support, am I able to decline?

Of course! We do not want you to disagree with the advertiser at all! If you do not want to promote the suggested company, you can decline and simply wait for another company to be available. We do our best to match drivers to advertisers that suite one another.

Would a sign on my rear window impair my vision?

No! Signs located on the rear window are printed on perforated vinyl. From the outside, you are unable to look in the vehicle. However, from inside you are able to fully see outside; making it completely safe to drive!

How long will it take to be matched with an advertiser?

The time it takes to be matched varies depending on the demands of the advertisers. If you have; the vehicle they desire, drive a lot of daily kilometres on heavy traffic streets and have a good driving habit, you have a greater chance of being matched.

Do the signs damage paint?

No. When applied and removed correctly they are completely harmless to your vehicle. Full wraps will even help protect your paint! We have a professional install company that applies all the signs.

Will I be able to wash my vehicle?

Yes! Just use soap and water. Please do not wax any part of the vehicle that is covered in vinyl. In fact, we ask that you regularly wash your vehicle, to ensure the advertisement is clearly legible.

Is the information I am providing shared with others?

No personal information will be shared. Only basic information about the vehicle will be shared with advertisers; the make, model, year and colour of the vehicle. We do not disclose any personal information to any company.

I’m interested in getting paid to drive, where do I start?

You are able to start here by submitting a driver’s application. We will email you within 24hours to confirm we have received your email. From there, you will be matched with an advertiser. Why wait? The sooner you are on the list, the sooner you can start getting paid to drive!

For any further questions you might have, please contact us at 519-330-1050 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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