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We Are Vehicle Advertisement.


Everything from creation to realization.

Vehicle advertisement is what we do best. That's why we do it. 

You're unique - You're needs are unique - So we won't charge you like the rest.

Here is a general pricing guide, so you will be able to get an idea of how affordable vehicle advertisement can be. 


One time initial cost, installed and get to go:

Both Sides: $150-300

Rear: $60-150

Perforated back window : $200-300

Half wrap: $800-2000

Full wrap: $1500-4000+

Monthly vehicle cost


This price is per vehicle and includes: paying the drivers, sign insurance, quality control checks and administration fees.

Vehicle sides: $199.99

Vehicle rear: $199.99

Vehicle sides and rear: $299.99

Half wrap: $349.99

Full wrap: $479.99




We have a partnership with a marketing firm to take care of all your design needs. 

We like to listen to your needs, find solutions and then implement the apropriate actions. 

Contact us today - Start seeing the results. 



Get Paid To Drive.


Let us manage your vehicle fleet.